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About us

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcolm X
With a Mission to provide the safest, warmest, happiest and ever evolving environment for little ones, we bring forth “The Shri Ram Wonder Years”.
According to studies, a child’s brain develops from 0 to 90% by age of 5 Years. These pre years of a child are the most important part of his/her life. They learn so much in these years and they always need the best learning environment to do so. We at “The Shri Ram Wonder Years” provide them with the best learning environment for their all-round development.
A Child’s brain develops very fast, the brain functioning of a 2 year old and 3 year old is absolutely different so the approach needed to teach them should be also be different. Our Pre-School is planned accordingly and is divided into groups, to ensure proper learning according to their age.

Certified Tutors
Small Class Size
Infant Care
Safety First


Developing sound values

Developing sound values help in strenghtening a child's character .Children learn to respect and care for others as well as their own well being.

Self development activities

Children engage in activities related to developing values and skills that make them responsible and sensitive.

Developing sensitivity

Children are encouraged to work compassionately with children of different abilities, cultures and communities.

The Shri Differentiators

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We at The Shri Ram Wonder Years believe love blossoms in every heart. Children are nurtured with tender care and love by compassionate teachers. All of us are bound with each other with a common thread of love.

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We are located at Iskon Mandir Road, Beside Manokamna Hospital, Siliguri